New Moon Star Robert Pattinson Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors

Sat, 07/11/2009 - 07:03 | by twilight-gossip.com

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Rob and Kristen are engaged. They’re going to name their first child a combination of their mothers’ names, just like in the “Twilight” books. A big wedding is on the way, quite likely with Bigfoot officiating.

An open letter to David Slade by @KStewDevotee

Tue, 27/10/2009 - 06:22 | by twilight-gossip.com

Hello all, my mom calls me ‘Mistake’ but the Twitter-verse knows me as KStewDevotee or Elle. The ToR gals suggested I do a fuckery post so here goes my ‘Brilliant’  letter:

Dear Slademister,

Awesome — Kellan Lutz On the Cover of Doggie Aficionado!

Sat, 24/10/2009 - 00:46 | by twilight-gossip.com

Another day, another Twilight cast member on a magazine cover, but this one is decidedly awesome. Kellan Lutz and his dog Kola posed for Doggie Aficionado, which is just too adorable.

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