Kristen in Sydney for Australian SWATH premiere

Now we all know Kristen's a gorgeous girl but I am not confident in this style choice.
I like the idea of the skirt and top and those shoes are lovely too but I can't help but feel the outfit is wearing her, ya know?
The less said about the hair the better :/ natural suits you better, Stew.

Spotted Christmas guitar shopping for Rob? Kristen with Papa Stew in LA

Looks like Rob's might be getting a new instrument *snort* from Norman's Rare Guitar shop in LA, where Kristen and her dad, aka Papa Stew, were spotted shopping yesterday.

Robsten Alert! This Time Spotted In London...

A few days ago Lorabell posted about Kristen Stewart arriving in London for Snow White and The Huntsmanproduction.
Well apparently Rob picked up Kristen from the airport! How stinkin' cute is that?
My husband doesn't even pick me up from the airport!
Do y'all think we will be seeing pap pics soon or is this just a false alert?


K-Stew Lands In London

Today K-Stew was spotted arriving at the Heathrow Airport in London, England. She was with her bodyguard who was seemed to be taking his job very seriously. Is it me or does her hair seem to have an auburn-redish tint? Wonder why she's in London... ---Ashes

Click here to see the pics

Jamie Campbell Bower Talks Volturi And Kristen Stewart

Jamie Campbell Bower stopped by MTV to talk about his new show "Camelot". He also talked about the volturi and Kristen Stewart as vampire Bella. I Absolutely love JCB. He is nothing but laughs! --Ashes

This is what he had to say about the Volturi-

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