So I fiiiiiiinally got to see "Whiskey for Elephants"!

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So, I read the book a few months ago, in advance of a screening that was meant to happen outside of Seattle.
Although I really liked the picture the story painted and my heart strings were tugged by the compassionate nature of the lead, I had issues with the plot - namely, why in the hale do Jacob and Marlena actually fall for each other?
It's just sort of assumed of the principle characters take that leap from "hi, nice to meet you" to "let's start a new life together".

What to do when there's not a lot of Twi news...

Sorry for my recent disappearing act - I'm relocating from London to Vancouver and have been stopped off in Seattle for the past few days.
It's my first time in the Pacific North West *eeek* and although it's not been "under a near constant cover of cloud and rain" (5 sparkle points for quotage) I've been internally squeeing a lot since I landed...
First, I've overhead oh so many tourists requesting directions to Foooorks - and I am so not one to judge considering I'll be joining the Twitards & co in a few weeks - whoop whoop!

David Slade Access Atlanta Interview

David Slade did a great interview with Access Atlanta where he talks about how he wanted to make 'Eclipse' more realistic and bolder than 'Twilight' and 'New Moon';

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