So I went to the Snow White and the Huntsman screening...

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So tonight I was beyond excited to get to go to the cast and crew screening of Snow White and the Huntsman :D

Rupert Sanders, the director, introduced it saying how we were the first audience, outside of the big-wig's team to see the finished film - squeee!

New Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer (Spanish with translation) - more Kristen scenes :)

Translation by @planetKristen via @vonch

"This story is more than legend. I witnessed. I was there. A beauty so cruel that with its wickedness poisoned the land. And a kindness so pure inspired us" - The Huntsman.
"I want you to follow her and bring me her heart." "And if I refuse?" "You, hunter, are going to do what I'm saying."

Uh-Mazing Sneak Peek Snow White and The Huntsman Costumes!

The Wicked Queen / Snow White

F-Loving these - by Alexander McQueen - sooo incredibly gorgeous!

I can't wait to see what the sets look like!

Via source

Casting Updates In Kristen Stewart's Snow White and The Huntsman

Kristen Stewart now has parent's in her latest movie Snow White and The Huntsman.Noah Huntley will play the King, while Liberty Ross will play her the Queen.

Kristen Stewart Preps for Snow White and The Huntsman on Horseback!

PopSugar spotted Kristen learning to horseback ride today in preparation for her upcoming role in Snow White and the Huntsman.
Rather more nightmare than fairytale, Kristen was issued with a parking ticket on return to her Mini Cooper :/ I blame the evil Queen.
- Lorabell
NB: Having taken some riding lessons when I was younger, I'm impressed at Kristen's stance but surprised she's not wearing riding gloves - maybe she's already a confident rider...

Dakota Fanning Graduated High School

Apparently Dakota graduated on June 6th at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA. I really, really feel old! I am going to go all mommy on everyone here-- I am proud of her! High school is hard enough for a "regular" girl. Most young celebrities home school while they are working. Not only did she attend public school and film movies at the same time..She cheered and was voted Homecoming Queen! I imagine that it is not too easy to have friends whenever you are famous and in public school. We all know how catty girls are!

Congrats, Dakota!


Kristen Stewart's Price Confirmed

According to the very, very trustworthy Gossip Cop ,Sam Clafin is set to play Kristen Stewart's prince in her new film Snow White and the Huntsman. Kristen Stewart will be starring as Snow White and Charlize Theron is set to be the Evil Queen.

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