Chris Hemsworth

Kyle & Jackie’s Surprise for Kristen Stewart

Kyle & Jackie O surprised Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth during a recent radio interview during their Australian promo tour with an Aussie snake, Wallaby and a Koala. Kristen loved it!

Kyle & Jackie’s Surprise for Kristen Stewart is a post from: The Twilight Fansite

Spoiler-Free SWATH Review

Hey TwiCrackers!  I finally made it to see SWATH yesterday.

My observations, free of spoilers:

Seven degrees of Fifty Shades of Grey...

Everyone's favorite adorable MTV interviewer, Josh Horowitz ran a hilarious segment of MTV After Hours in which the cast of SWATH each (except for shy Chris Hemsworth) read from our fave FanFic turned Best Seller "Fifty Shades of Grey":

New pics: Kristen spotted at SWATH photoshoot in LA!

Man, does she go everywhere in that shirt?
Kristen was spotted at a photoshoot in LA for Snow White and the Huntsman along with co-stars Chris Hemsworth (yum!) and Charlize Theron (*snap*).
Still floving that dark hair, even though the extensions are gone...
- Lorabell
*Warning - Pap Pics*Click to see below the cut

Joan of Arc Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer Rocks!

Let me start by saying that I am aware that everyone is off catching up on all the Roblicious footage that's come out this week - I mean really - where hasn't that boy been? Maybe not in LKW's freezer or JJ's clown-filled home (yet), but he's visited just about eveywhere else! Rumors abound on Twitter that he might even be popping by the tent cities that have sprung up at the the Nokia Theater, where hundreds of people (and some Twitards!) are camping out ahead of the Breaking Dawn Premiere on Monday. I mean, Bodyguard Dean was openly casing the joint, sooooo...

Taylor Lautner: Hollywood’s newest A-List star

Per Access Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter has named Taylor Lautner as one of Hollywood’s A-List Stars. These are stars who are dependable upon to draw it crowds to their movies and are best poised to become Hollywood’s next box-office star.

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