Someone Like You - the Jacob Black remix

So, 4tnz came out with this video a month ago, but I wouldn't post it because there is so much from Breaking Dawn part 1 in it and I know how many of you all didn't want to see anything before you took your seat in the theater. But, it is just too clever not to post!

Every time I hear Adele sing this now, I can't help but replace "out of the blue" with "out of the woods" ;)
Hope you enjoy it and hope you're getting to see Breaking Dawn part 1 this weekend.

I Can't Get Enough! The Perfect Soundtrack Song for Breaking Dawn?

Waaay back in the New Moon days I posted a - then little known - Florence and the Machine video for Cosmic Love which I just could not get out of my head (even though Howl would have also been very apt).
Oh how glad we were when "Heavy in Your Arms" made it onto the Eclipse soundtrack.

Who's Stoked for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards?

Update: Here's hoping this is a good live stream...

Live video by Ustream

It's that time of year... again!

Rob Pattinson Spotted at Adele Concert in LA

According to HollywoodLife Rob was spotted at Brit songstress Adele's concert at the Greek Theatre in downtown LA.

Adele wants Robert Pattinson to come home

In a new funny interview, British songbird Adele was asked about Breaking Dawn of which she told Robert Pattinson to come home since people thinks he is American. She calls him a National Treasure for the British people.


Spin interviews Nikki Reed

Spin Magazine was able to talk with Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie in the Twilight movies. Nikki talked about her favorite musical acts, her favorite music and many more. Here is an excerpt of her interview:

Nikki Reed Talks To Spin

Nikki Reed recently talked to Spin and answered some non-acting related questions:

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