New Forum Open!!!

The new forum is up on the site!! This forum is open to everyone, all ages, but will also have a place for adults only!! This was a hard decision considering we’d been 18+ since this place started but the teens were wanting a forum here for them as well and we decided it’d be easier to create one forum for everyone and some threads for those that are adults. Please note: If you’re already a member on our old forum, you will need to re-register on the new one!

Note: The header does say adult forum but just ignore that, we’re working on getting that changed!!

Remember Me Questions For Robert Pattinson

Twilight Official’s Twitter posted the following on their page (which is run by Summit, btw) :

“Ask Rob” Facebook Exclusive!! Rob Pattinson wants your questions for REMEMBER ME! Exclusive to the Facebook page, Rob will answer select questions from you via video. Submit your question about his upcoming romantic drama REMEMBER ME in the comments section. Questions will only be accepted by fans of the REMEMBER ME Facebook page:

New Layout / Causes / Upcoming Info

Hey everyone!! This place look a little different to you?!? That’s because the amazing Tathy made this beautiful layout for the site!!! You should leave a comment and tell her how much you love the layout too!! So, in honor of the new layout, I’ve changed the layout on our Twitter page!! If you’re not following us, we invite you to! You can also find a link to this page and our Myspace page on our sidebar!

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Eclipse

Examiner recently talked to Bryce Dallas Howard about her upcoming role in Spider Man 4 and Eclipse:

Is your Gwen Stacy character going to have a big role in “Spider-Man 4″?

David Slade Updates Twitter

David Slade has updated his Twitter page with the following:

Still we have 200 days to go.

Jacob & Bella are matching with intensity, & it’s all even with the action sequences. Right now we are in a great state of balance.

As we cut. Edward seems to be a really strong presence, the intensity of the love story & rivalry between Jacob is in the driving seat.

Been quite a week, we almost have our composer, all fingers crossed for some great news soon.

Star Movies VIP Access With New Moon Cast

Star Movies VIP has interviews with some of the New Moon cast! Below you can watch Kristen’s, Taylor’s, and Robert’s interviews. You can also watch Ashley’s interview, Dakota Fanning & Michael Sheen’s interview, and Chris Weitz’s interview.

Robert Pattinson Tells Italian Vanity Fair

New Moon’s Robert Pattinson, gracing the new cover of Italian Vanity Fair, clears up a few misconceptions about his life and loves in an interview with the magazine.

RPattz, when quizzed about his relationship with Twilight co-star (and rumored love interest) Kristen Stewart, told the magazine: “I am single… almost everything that came out about my private life is false.”

Eclipse To Premiere In IMAX Theaters

Summit Officially announced yesterday that Eclipse will be released in select IMAX on 06.30.10 in conjunction with the film’s launch in regular theaters:

Treat From Chris Weitz

As a thanks for having 200,000 followers on the Official Twilight Twitter, they have posted something special from Chris Weitz’s personal photo book:

December Site Of The Month: Simply Kristen

Congratulations to Mandee at Simply Kristen for being chosen at TBT’s site of the month for December!! Mandee runs an amazing site with all the up-to-date information and photos on Kristen while having a beautiful layout to display it all!! So congrats again to Mandee and make sure you check out the site!

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