Jackson & 100 Monkeys Confirmed for TwiTour Appearances!

Woooah, Jackson and his band 100 Monkeys have confirmed not one, not two but four appearances at Creation Entertainment's TwiTour Twilight convention!

Billy Burke, BooBoo Stewart & Bronson Pelletier Support Food Drive

Amidst all this Breaking Dawn excitement, it's important not to forget ways Twilighters give back... other than providing hours of entertainment for us ;)
As it turns out, Billy, BooBoo and Bronson (is it necessary to have a B name for this?) are supporting the Saturday Night Foodie's "Drive Out Hunger" event:

Out and About: Wolf pack members attend two events this week

Wolf pack members BooBoo Stewart and Julia Jones were seen attending two separate events this week. BooBoo was with his sister as they attended the premiere of Hatchet II whilst Julia attended the Autumn Party for the benefit of the children’s institute.


The Saga's stylish stars

Voguehas done a great feature on the stylish stars of Twilight. The article discusses the stars stylish choices at various events over the past few years and singles out a few of the stars for their fashion savvy.

Julia Jones and Tinsel Korey at two events

Wolf pack girls Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones attended two events recently namely the Do Something Awards and the Baby Issa Launch & Issa London Resort 2011.

Quileute Wolf pack: The InStyle feature

InStyle Magazine shifts the focus to the wolf pack this time as they feature Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones in a new photoshoot. The foursome talked about being part of the Twilight Saga, acting like a family,their personalities and many more. Here is a sneak peak:

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