Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, And Peter Facinelli At The Breaking Dawn NYC Premiere

Okay, I am just going to throw this out there- I totally thought Nikki Reed was pregnant.  Yes, I know that not all stars rush into marriage just because of a pregnancy, but that was my thinking.  After seeing here in her lose flowing dress a few days ago, I knew it was true.  I'm not thinking that so much anymore now! There is NO bun baking in that oven!

Nikki looks beautiful, Ashley looks sultry, and Peter, gosh Peter, he is a total D.I.L.F.  Just Sayin'

P.S.- Ashley has a six pack.


Greg Russell Interviews Rob And Kristen

Rob's accents kills. The End. --Ashes

P.S.- I love Kristen's hair right now. The "Snow White" look is amazing on her!

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Best Moments From MTV:First With Rob, Kristen, And Taylor

Kristen's freak out makes me adore her even more. This is such a great video! What are everyones favorite parts? --Ashes

P.S.- Tell me that Rob and Kristen weren't openly flirting with each other. LOVE IT!

Dakota Fannings Signs On For An 1850s Biopic

Apparently Dakota Fanning has signed on for a new 1850s biopic called Effie. Emma Thompson wrote the script and will star in the film. Rumor has it that Tom Sturridge will be her lovah!  What do y'all think about that?

Attention All Comic- Con Goers!

The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn website is calling all Comic-Con fans! Remember to capture all your BD moments and you could be featured on their website!

Sparkles For Blood Campaign At Comic-Con

I am a little offended by the "Sparkles for Blood" promotion that IDW Publishing is running a Comic-Con this year! According to IGN Comics, you can trade in any Twilight Saga novel or comic for an upgrade. IGN states-

New Breaking Dawn Stills From Enterainment Weekly!

Hale yes! Entertainment Weekly has exclusive stills from the Breaking Dawn movie. FINALLY!! Legal Twi-Crack that Summit can't take away! Enjoy-Ashes ;)

Go see more Breaking Dawn stills HERE -- There is one of Jacob and the Denali's with Esme!
P.S.- The quote under the photo is from EW, too.

Twilight Cast Tweet Their Good Byes

And so it begins... The beginning of the end. Thank goodness for Breaking Dawn- Part 1 and 2 promos!--Ashes

P.S.- Of course Billy Burke's tweet is my fav!

Breaking Dawn Cast Heads Back To L.A.

PAP PIC WARNING!Some of the Breaking Dawn cast just happened to be photographed in various airports. Some were leaving Vancouver while others were arriving in L.A. I cannot believe that filming is thisclose to be completely over. I am hoping so Isle Esme re shoots in Florida are in the future. I am ready to peacefully and non-stalkerish set stalk! --Ashes ;) P.S.- I put up pics with the everyone smiling! I did not post the pictures of Nikki Reed... It was quite clear she did not want to be photographed.

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