Billy Burke

Twilight Cast Tweet Their Good Byes

And so it begins... The beginning of the end. Thank goodness for Breaking Dawn- Part 1 and 2 promos!--Ashes

P.S.- Of course Billy Burke's tweet is my fav!

Soooo I went to see Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood preview...

Spoiler free :)Yay, two-sided poster - awesome!
Super thanks to Michelle who wrote in with spare tickets to an early preview of Catherine Hardwicke's new movie Red Riding Hood here in Vancouver.
I took @CupcakeGirl76 as my plus one and hoped Billy Burke might swing by... no such luck!

Billy Burke Tweets New Movie Trailer: Drive Angry

Oh, Billy - let's leave facial hair with the 'stache, k?
I really want to be proven wrong and for this movie not to suck... I might just be entirely the wrong demographic and it could turn out to be a spectacular example of modernist masculinity *shudder* maybe :/
Via @Billy_Burke
- Lorabell

Oooh, New Red Riding Hood Poster from Catherine Hardwicke's New Movie!

OK, so I know the Twilight connection here is a bit tenuous but I'm super stoked to see Catherine's new Red Riding Hood film!
To be fair, Billy Burke is in it aaand the lead male, Shiloh Fernadez was an "Edward" finalist - plus, I just know it's going to pwn me hard!

Catherine Hardwicke's new movie trailer is released!

The trailer for Catherine's new movie 'Red Riding Hood', a re working of the classic fairy tale, has been released. Check out the trailer below! Some fun facts - 'Red Riding Hood' stars Shiloh Fernandez who originally tested for Catherine for the role of Edward Cullen. Catherine didn't think that Shiloh had the same level of intense chemistry with Kristen as Rob had and the rest is history. The movie is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's production company and Billy Burke (who we all know and love as papa Charlie Swan) also stars!

Billy Burke at the AMA's!

Billy Burke answered some fan questions at the American Music Awards he talked about his music, his album 'Removed', the 'Twilight' phenomenon and working with Kristen.
Check out the video below!

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