Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast confirmed for Comic-Con!

Summit Entertainment confirmed that the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be at Comic-Con - not only that, they'll be the opening panel.  According to Summit:  

'Breaking Dawn Pt 2' Title Treatment

From teal to deep orange, then on to grey-and-red combo, and pink-red. The final movie in the Saga plays on the colour theme of yellow, as seen in the title treatment above. It looks good!

via facebook

Am I the only one who is SO glad this didn't happen?!

The lion fell in love with the... lame?
Apparently Michelle Trachtenberg - yes, that chick from GossipGirl - could have been Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga O_o

The Twilight Saga In Four Seconds :D Thanks Tosh 2.0!

Bahaha, oh Tosh - according to the comedian this (above) along with Kristen's "lip bite" should catch you up on the saga. Seems about right :)
Thanks DtotheP
- Lorabell
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Summit Found Breaking Dawn Hacker... UH-OH!

Remember earlier this year whenever we got to see those awesome leaks? Well, Summit has found the hacker. I saw us TwiHards start a collection so we can hook this girl up with an A+++ attorney! We all owe her because those images were BAMMM!


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