Recreate Bella's Wedding Day with Bella Barbie!

You can now have your ownBreaking Dawn wedding. Mattel is releasing a line of new Twilight Barbie themed around the wedding. Pictured above is the Bella doll.

Edward and Bella Wedding Barbie and Ken Dolls

Starting in February, special edition Barbie dolls, featuring Bella & Edward on their wedding day, will be available on at $29.95 each

New Moon DVD release date?

Twilight Source found an article on Yahoo about Taylor Lautner that reports the release of the New Moon DVD in February 2010.
“Mattel also recently announced that they

Jacob Black Barbie

Here are some images of the new Jacob Black Collector's Edition Barbie Doll.

Mattel releases Pocket Jacob!

Ooohh.. check this out.
After announcing Bella and Edward Barbie, Mattel is releasing Jacob Barbie. There's Pocket Edward, and then now, Pocket Jacob!! :D
Toy giant Mattel have immortalized Taylor Lautner's Twilight character Jacob Black in the form of a plastic action figure.

Edward & Bella’s Barbie

They are here! Your very own Edward Cullen & Isabella Swan dolls. Barbie has  debuted the dolls just in time for the holiday season.  ”Twilight Bella” sports her dark wash jeans & her zip up jacket, as well as signature chocolate brown hair.

And the Twilight Halloween Costumes Begin

Following on from the Edward "Night-time-Romeo" hair you can now buy an Alice costume for Halloween - or just around the house... you know, whatevs!

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