The Last 100 Days (a week and a half late)

[Please excuse the lateness of this post... obviously I wrote it a while ago but am just now remembering to publish it!]

As of today, there are 100 91 days left until Breaking Dawn Part 2 is released.  O.O

Ashley’s New ‘Alice’ Gig on ABC

Deadline reports that the actress formerly known as Alice Cullen has just snagged a spot alongside Anthony LaPaglia in “Americana,” a new ABC drama about a newbie fashion designer who upsets the status quo when she comes on board with one of fashion’s most famous family names.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - The Musical? WTF?

What. The. Fuck? Seriously, the exact words that flooded my work-addled brain after hearing that there was actually something called Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Musical. And leave it to Letters to Twilight to bring us such a fucking masterpiece.

Hales. Yeah. Breaking Dawn Part TWO Poster? Featuring VAMPIRE BELLA!

Click for bigger
Oh hai long hair, pale skin and new (Cullen? *hopes*) bracelet... yet no wedding ring!

Loving that we're getting this teaser but I'm almost 1000000% sure that a more flattering/vamptastic shot could have been found of Bella. Just saying ;)

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Dating Edward Cullen?

Unfortunately no one can, but let's pretend for a minute.  Our friend over at Nick Mom did a post, " Top 9 Clues Your Daughter Is Dating Edward Cullen." That totally got us thinking about PG13 ways to tell if your bestie/daughter/anyone could be or is dating a Cullen. Comment below with your thoughts! --Ash

 Below are the tips from Nick Mom-

K-Stew Talks Breaking Dawn & Her Hate For Cullen Contacts

MTV News spoke with recently spoke with Kristen, and she had a lot to say about the Cullen contacts.

Here is the video and the transcript below! --Ashes

Twitarded Has Been Infected!

Last week I told a romantic tale of my two loves: Edward Cullen and zombies. This week it appears that zombie Edward has made his rounds and has infected the Twitarded quartet. I'm not sure how or when that little zombie bastard made his way into my house, and I definitely don't remember waking up with any bite marks anywhere. He's a sneaky one, that Zombieward. Let's just say, there's going to be hell to pay if anyone of us ends up pregnant with his creepy zombie baby.

Who Wants To See A Breaking Dawn Dance Off

This girl does!  MTV spoke with Ashley and Kellan regarding unseen Breaking Dawn moments and I am lovin' that they had to say!  Watch the video or read the transcript below!--Ashes

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