Kristen, 10 bucks says you mean Sia's "Breathe Me"

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Thanks to Ali for sending this mini-interview from Spin - I'm thinking this is the Sia song she's talking about, from the epic Vanity Fair shoot:

Summit statement on Twi-fan piracy incident

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I'm free! Free!!! Does jail make you sparkle? Because I'm fabulous!

Runaways Awesomeness Much?!

KStew + aviators + mullet = totes badass
Seriously lo-v-i-n-g the vintage badass combo - way to work the questionable fashion, gals!

Via SunDance

JJett talks KStew ;)

In advance of the highly anticipated Runaways, the Atlantic City Weekly interviewed Joan Jett - in advance of her show tomorrow - on about the movie and Kristen:

Weitzmeister shares personal production pics :)

As another thank you for getting the Twilight Twitter to 200K, the Weitzmeister shares a special treat:
"From his own personal photo book, director Chris Weitz presents a very special inside look for fans into one of the key scenes from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. The images below were taken during Chris' first scouting trip to Italy, before Montepulciano was selected for the shoot. Enjoy!

Montepulciano Set

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