What Would My Vampire Gift Be?

Edward reads minds. Alice sees the future. Jasper calms the masses. Jane cripples people with agonizing pain and a bushy-eyed stare. I'm seriously feeling pretty left out in the special abilities category. So I got to thinking...if I were an amazingly gorgeous, sparkly vampire, what would my special gift be? Not that I'm delusional enough to think I'll ever be a vampire -- even though I'm almost there with the pasty white skin -- but work with me here. This is my fantasy.

If New Moon is Adapted by Malaysia

ROTFLMAO!! This guy is quite creative, no? Some, I think, are definitely fails, but Jane and the Wolfpack looks good enough ;)

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Photos of Bella's Breaking Dawn "Antique-ish and Feathery" Wedding Dress?!

So, I was nosing around Twitter looking for signs of Breaking Dawn filming life here in Vancouver and stumbled across this teaser...

Introducing the Jane Barbie Doll

After collecting the Edward, Bella and Jacob dolls, here is another one to add to your collection.Barbie Collector has unveiled their latest addition to the Twilight Saga doll series – Jane of the Volturi Coven. This doll will be available for release on February and has a retail price of $24.95.


Summer House director talks about Rob

Four yeas ago, Robert filmed a short film titled “The Summer House”. The film is based on a short story of the same and is only 13 minutes long. The film was in the back burner for years but until recently, it gained attention due to the popularity of Robert. Today, the film is going to be released though iTunes and is going around in festival circuits.

'The Summer House' is being released July 13th!

One of the movies Rob made long before Twilight is being released for fans to purchase via ITunes on July 13th. Director Daisy Gills spoke to MTV about the short movie and casting Rob.

EW 'Eclipse' star portraits

I missed these when they first posted and I forgot to bring them over but thought you would all like to see these EW 'Eclipse' cast portraits of the Cullens, Riley, Victoria and Jane. I think the Jackson portrait is my favorite, which is yours?

Check out the full article HERE.

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