Rob's Fave "In N Out Burger" Brings Brit Pack Out of Hiding for Emmys

Apparently "ninja" Rob was spotted at Jimmy Fallon's Emmy after-party in LA last night (along with his Brit pack buds Marcus Foster and Tom Sturridge):

Nikki Reed at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nikki Reed stopped by once again at Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the third Twilight movie, Eclipse. In the interview, Nikki talked about the change of lifestyle ever since she quit smoking a year ago. According to her, she is into sports now and is more of an athletic person now. To prove it, Jimmy asked her to punch him which the actress declines. But he was persistent, so well watch what happens.

Kristen asks Dakota "what's it like kissing Kristen Stewart?"

Lol, oh wouldn't we all like to know... Jealous much, Jimmy?

Thanks Raggs!

- Lorabell ;)

P.s. Catching up on some Dakota I missed on Jay Leno:

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Kristen on Jimmy Fallon...

I love how much this guy crushes on Stew, lol!

Hey, Jimmy - back of the line!

- Lorabell
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Robert, Taylor and Kellan Lutz: The Handsome Men’s Club by Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has debuted his new skit in his late night show entitled, “The Handsome Men’s Club”. In this skit, Jimmy (the club’s president) along with its members take business into order as they vote for new members to be inducted in the club. The first of these potential new members are Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, who was not inducted into the club, eventhough most members voted “yes”, since Jimmy thinks they are not “handsome” enough but only cute.

Robert Pattinson To Appear On The Daily Show

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson to appear On The “Daily Show” Next Week. According to Gossip Cop, Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse movie star, Robert Pattinson is set to appear on the “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart next week on March 2 to promote his new movie, “Remember Me.” They say that they have confirmed the booking with a representative for the show. Robert will be in New York to promote his new film entitled, “Remember Me.”

Kristen & Taylor’s appearance at Jimmy Fallon: Nominated for Late Nightie Awards

A month ago, both Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner made an appearance at The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, where they both participated in various competitions with the host. Kristen participated in a football throwing match (despite wearing a short dress and in heels) while Taylor participated in mini-bike race with Jimmy.

Twilight appearance at Jimmy Kimmel: Most Watched Episode in 6 months

The Twilight appearance of Rob, Kristen and Taylor at Jimmy Kimmel Live last November 20, 2009  was a triumph for the show as it posted the most -watched episode in 6 months and the 2nd-largest audience on any night this season.

Robert, Kristen and Taylor at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Jimmy Kimmle Live finally aired the episode which Rob, Kristen and Taylor tapped before embarking on the New Moon European Press tour. As usual Jimmy asked them about the fans, the saga and even a few questions about their love life. They also received questions from the fans. Also, Jimmy’s faithful friend Guillermo dubbed a scene from New Moon for Latin fans.

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