Possible Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Still - Renesmee and Wolf in the Snow?!

While diggin' through some Breaking Dawninfo, I spotted this. Do you think it is a Breaking Dawn, Part 2 leak or a really good manip? Let us know!

Out and About: Wolf pack members attend two events this week

Wolf pack members BooBoo Stewart and Julia Jones were seen attending two separate events this week. BooBoo was with his sister as they attended the premiere of Hatchet II whilst Julia attended the Autumn Party for the benefit of the children’s institute.


Wolf pack members Alex, Julia and Tinsel at the Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub

Last Saturday, wolf pack members Alex Meraz, Julia Jones and Tinsel Korey made an appearance at the Lavo Restaurant & Nightclub at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Julia Jones and Tinsel Korey at two events

Wolf pack girls Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones attended two events recently namely the Do Something Awards and the Baby Issa Launch & Issa London Resort 2011.

Quileute Wolf pack: The InStyle feature

InStyle Magazine shifts the focus to the wolf pack this time as they feature Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Tinsel Korey and Julia Jones in a new photoshoot. The foursome talked about being part of the Twilight Saga, acting like a family,their personalities and many more. Here is a sneak peak:

Bella Giveaway

Oh, Bella, Bella... Sweet, caring, indecisive yet stubborn, brave worrywart Bella Swan. Sometimes, she's a poster child of teenage low self esteem, but when the occasion arises and her loved ones are in danger (real or imaginary), she turns into a self-sacrificing warrior kitten. Bella, we love you so...

The Youngest Wolf

Boo Boo Stewart recently took part in a photo shoot and showed off his 6 pack!

David Slade Updates Twitter

David Slade has updated his Twitter page with the following:

Still we have 200 days to go.

Jacob & Bella are matching with intensity, & it’s all even with the action sequences. Right now we are in a great state of balance.

As we cut. Edward seems to be a really strong presence, the intensity of the love story & rivalry between Jacob is in the driving seat.

Been quite a week, we almost have our composer, all fingers crossed for some great news soon.

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