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[Jenny Jerkface here - Texas Katherine is still on a little bit of a hiatus, what with being busy raising future generations of wise-asses and all. However, because she endeavors to make the rest of us here at Twitarded look like procrastinating shitheads, she did leave us a few posts to put up in her absence. Thanks TK!]

Mother Nature Must Be A Twilight Fan

Seems over the past year, we've been having some really fucked up weather. I know it's normal for the southeast to have its hurricanes, for the midwest to have its tornadoes, for the northeast to have its blizzards and for hellish places like Texas to sometimes, well, feel the actual temperature of hell. But it seems to me that all these natural disasters have been hopped up on steroids lately and I don't like it one bit.

Comment Spam: We Can't Make It Stop!!!!

Twitarded is getting a comment face lift. We are currently updating the format of our comments so you may comment on a specific comment. [And now I think it will be fun to see how many times I can type the word 'comment' in one post about comments.]

Please bear with us... unfortunately we can't figure out how to turn off the part that allows you see all the comments and Blogger is projectile vomiting old comments into your boxes. I like a lot of things in my box but eleventy billion old comments was not what I had in mind.

Things I Learned at the Water For Elephants Premiere

So this is the post before the first "real" post about Water for Elephants, because Latchkey Wife will have THE muther humpin' WFE post to end all WFE posts later this week because she was RIGHT on the front lines and practically got to sit in Rob's lap in his limo. Actually she got to sit on Kristen's lap, too. It was totally NUTS! She's too famous after being on the live feeds to stay amongst the likes of us much longer, but I have it on good authority that she will regale us with stories before she kicks us to the D-List Twilight-y curb and moves on...

Why Can't Men Refill Ice Cube Trays? A Mini Rant by Jenny Jerkface

This is a serious question (and a sweeping generalization), people. I know I'm not the only one who deals with this and I want to understand why men seem physically incapable of refilling a mother fucking ice cube tray.

I'm not trying to harsh on ML, don't get me wrong. He pulls his weight around the house, sometimes even more than I do.

But he doesn't refill the ice cube trays. Ever.

What the fuck?


Ok so I had some stuff I wanted to post tonight but I am leaving for the airport to head from Newark to Seattle in ooooohhhh four freaking hours and guess who's not done packing??? Erm yeah that would be me. Anyhoo, sorry for the massive bloggy fail. But please know that while we don't expect to abandon the blog AT ALL over the next few days, our posting will be not sticking to our usual schedule and will be more about frequent snippets of the trip/updates--not our usual once-a-day ramblings--so check back often!

Hey everybody! Meet Gus!

Who the hell is Gus? You may be asking yourself.

A Little Saturday Morning Video Deliciousness! [Spoiler Alert!!]

I just couldn't resist! The lovely and talented Biel hits another one out of the park! Her video skills just fucking floor me. And when I get the email from YouTube saying that she's posted another masterpiece, I'll admit, I squeeeeee... loudly!

Jenny Jerkface is Famous!

You may remember a little post Jenny Jerkface wrote a while back titled "Billy Burke Rocks Out With His Cock Out" where she talked about the upcoming release of Billy's new single. She compared him to the Hoff... well, not really compared him to the Hoff per se, but really, really hoped that his career would not end up like the Hoff's - you know, actor-turned-musician cheesiness!

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