Kiowa Gordon Arrested!! Holy Beep!

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TMZ is reporting-

Kiowa Gordon interviewed by Maximo TV

Kiowa Gordon was seen attending the Peapod Event and he was interviewed by MAXIMO TV.


New 'Breaking Dawn' cast members Tweet!

Two of the new 'Breaking Dawn' cast members are 'tweeters'! Mia Maestro (Carmen) and MyAnna Buring are both on twitter and join numerous other cast members who tweet. Follow Mia here (@miamaestro) and MyAnna here(@myannaburing)

Kiowa Gordon interview from MTV awards

Twilighters Anonymous have an interview with Kiowa Gordon from the MTV awards. He talks about his band, he sings (!) and mentions the 'Breaking Dawn' will begin filming this year. Check it out below!

Videos: Access Hollywood interviews the Twilight cast

Access Hollywood was able to interview the Eclipse cast last night at the red carpet of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Xavier Samuel, Kiowa Gordon, Julia Jones, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone all shared their expectations for the films and getting ready for Eclipse this summer.

Videos: Seventeen Magazine goes Twilight

Seventeen Magazine has posted two new video in their YouTube Page featuring Ashley Greene’s Cover Reveal Party and the behind-the-scenes shoot with the Twilight boys featuring Alex Meraz, Charlie Bewley, Kiowa Gordon and Michael Welch.

Behind-The-Scenes: Ashley’s Seventeen photoshoot

A few days ago, we have posted news of Ashley’s upcoming cover for Seventeen Magazine. We have also posted some outtakes from the photoshoot where Ashley talked about making the Twilight movies, her co-stars and many more.

Today, we now have a behind-the-scenes look of her photoshoot.

Rob, Kristen and Taylor to attend Twilight Convention on June 11 – 13

With Eclipse just around the corner, Summit Entertainment is gearing up for the release of the third Twilight movie, Eclipse. Aside from appearances in several television talk shows, Summit Entertainment is also gearing the cast to appear in next month’s Official Twilight Saga Convention.

Alex and Kiowa are 17 guys

Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon both sat down with 17 magazine recently and revealed 17 secrets about themselves. Amongst the reveals Alex was 12 when he had his first kiss, he would have Taylor (!) play him in the movie version of his life and he loves 'The Notebook'.

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