Twilight stars on the New Moon trail

Whilst Robert, Kristen and Taylor are off to Europe to promote the film, some of the film’s cast members are touring the US, delighting fans with their presence and dishing out info about the film.

Cast Tour: Instructions & Who's Going To Be Where!

Hot Topic have now updated their site to include special instructions for what you'll need to do per location to qualify for wrist bands, which you'll need for chance of entry.

Catching up with Alex Meraz

Saturday Night Magazine had a short interview with wolf pack member Alez Meraz where he talked about his New Moon experience and being part of the Twilight Saga. Here is an excerpt:

More New Moon Wallpapers

The Official Twilight Facebook now has up Official New Moon Wallpapers for the Cullens and the Wolf Pack. Check them all out here.
Thanks Alicia!!
In case you missed my previous post Official New Moon Wallpapers for Victoria, Laurent and the Volturi were posted on their official Twitter page here.

Eternal Twilight 2: UK Convention - Photos!

Hey guys, I'm back from ET2! My friend Kate took really good pictures again (thanks to Showmasters for letting us go to the front), and I've added them to the gallery. I have loads more to post, and will also write up some of the stuff the guests said in their talks. Thanks again to everyone who followed my updates & pics on Twitter... it was fun!

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