Daniel Cudmore:Working with Robert Pattinson and Twilight

During his recent trip to Australia to attend a Twilight Fan Event, Daniel Cudmore aka Felix took a time out to talk to The Daily Telegraph regarding his involvement with the franchise, his character and working with Robert Pattinson.

Daniel Cudmore Talks Twilight Fandom

Daniel Cudmore in ‘New Moon’ – Summit Ent.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon wasn’t Daniel Cudmore’s first time on the big fandom film circuit. He was, prior to becoming “Felix” in New Moon and Eclipse, the X-Men series’ Colossus.

PFach Not Playing Vampire Baseball

While “Twilight’s” Peter Facinelli is out, Nelsan Ellis, who plays the fabulous fry cook, Lafayette, on “True Blood,” has joined

Daniel Cudmore @ Dallas Comic Con

For those of you who live in Dallas, Texas, here is your chance to see Daniel Cudmore (Felix)! Daniel will be appearing at the Dallas Comic Con at the end of January. Read the press release below for more info:

C2 Ventures, Inc.
Lewisville, Texas

Press Release
Twilight actor Daniel Cudmore appearing at Dallas Comic Con

Daniel Cudmore On Blog Talk Radio

Daniel Cudmore made an appearance on Blog Talk Radio, on Artists on Demand Radio yesterday to talk about New Moon. Daniel talked to the hosts on Blog Talk Radio for quite some time. He started by talking about how he got into the acting business, how being in Vancouver was a good way to learn the business, stunt work, his stunts on New Moon, the Twilight phenomenon, getting the part of Felix, the Italy New Moon experience and much more. You can listen to it all below:

Daniel Cudmore In Vancouver

New pics of Eclipse Volturi guard member Daniel Cudore (aka the delicious Felix, once again .. no .. not the cat!!) enjoying a walk on the streets of Vancouver on December 19th!


Kerry's New Moon No-Spoiler Review!

I finally got to see New Moon yesterday evening, I know it was still the first day, but I was dying to get to the theater and see it, especially after hearing all the glowing reports all day. Thank you thank you to everyone for being very good about not giving away too many details. This review will be spoiler free also.

Twilight-Movie.org reviews New Moon

Forget all those bad reviews because seriously I am starting to think they are done by people who either don’t care for the Twilight saga or are only criticizing what they want this movie to be like.

Stephenie Meyer answers fans questions

A few weeks ago, Stephenie Meyer and The Twilight Saga has asked fans to send in questions that they would like to be answered by Stephenie. Well, she has delivered and she answered as much fan questions as possible. Here is an excerpt:

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